Stelle dich Schulterbreit hin und gehe in die Athletische Ausgangsposition.

Hohle mit den Armen Schwung und Springe von einem Bein auf das Andere.

Starting Position

  • Standing on one leg


  • Load hip and arms back and down
  • Bound laterally landing on opposite foot
  • Without pausing, bound back to the other leg and hold three seconds
  • Repeat for prescribed number of repetitions and switch sides

Coaching Keys

  • Use hip and arms to generate force
  • Bound for both distance and height
  • Anticipate the ground, minimizing contact time on the „quick“ side
  • Land softly by absorbing through your hip
  • Use arms and hip to generate force during the movement
  • Keep stomach tight and feet straight ahead throughout movement

You Should Feel It

  • Working your hips and legs